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"aTree is a reliable, personal food source."

"This technology can decrease farmers’ reliance on the weather."

"Applant, one of the first start-ups accepted, is developing the world's first human-pumped, hydroponic vertical farm for the home."

Meet aTree

aTree is a vertical garden that grows fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs in homes, all year round. It harnesses the technology of aeroponics to grow plants by misting their roots, creating a low-maintenance solution to growing food conveniently local.

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Grow - our lives depend on it

By 2050, the world’s population will exceed 9.5 billion people, with 80% of that population living in cities. Not only do we need to produce at least 50% more food but food that is less strained. (source: World Bank).

current world population

people who died of hunger today


forest loss in 2016 (hectares)

What is vertical gardening?

Vertical gardening grows plants on a vertical garden bed, where plants are fed with water, not soil. It’s called aeroponics, a subset of hydroponics. This technique optimises nutrient delivery, using 95% less water whilst growing more plants up.

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The growing possibilities...

aTree will grow most things that grow out of the ground, rather than in the ground!
These are just some of the things that can be grown.

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Growing possibilities

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