Growing plants, made easy.

aTree by Applant


What if we told you that...

With this unit...

you can grow...

every month!

As local as it gets

aTree uses vertical farming technique to grows plants with ease in less than 1sqm, fitting snug in your home or apartment. aTree uses a form of hydroponics called gravity-fed irrigation - which basically means that the roots are suspended in the air as water consistently drips through the root chamber, providing the perfect amount of nutrients to your plants’ roots.

Steps to grow!

Plant Husk

Place your plant husk in one of the 30 grow spaces along the trunk.

Add Water

Fill the reservoir at the base of the unit with water.


Use the foot pedal at the base to circulate water up the trunk.


When fully-fledged, harvest your plants and enjoy the labour of your work.

No more overwatering / underwatering, no more dead plants

As long as there’s nutrient-rich water in aTree’s top, water will fall through aTree’s trunk where plant roots hang, creating a consistently moist environment, feeding plants directly. This way, plants never get too little or too much water, allowing the roots to breathe whilst absorbing nutrients in bite-size pieces.

More than just a perfect head of lettuce

From an endless supply of herbs, to plump pumpkins, to bursting strawberries, you won’t believe the things you can grow! aTree grows food in cities. Get ready to see the miracle of food growing before your eyes.

What you can grow with Applant